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PT Jabar Bersih Lestari (TPPAS Nambo)

Municipal Waste is the residue of human daily activities and, or from natural processes in solid form, which can be in the form of household waste and other types of household waste. Waste Processing is an activity that aims to change the characteristics, composition and amount of waste with the aim of returning waste and, or residues from previous processing to environmental media safely. The Regional Waste Processing and Final Processing Site, here in after referred to as Regional TPPAS, is the place where the final waste processing and processing is carried out, in collaboration between the Company and the West Java Provincial Government. Located in Lulut Village and Nambo Village, Klapanunggal District, Bogor Regency, the receiving of Municipal Solid Waste capacity is up to 2300 metric tons per day, and can be process into Biomass Energy (RDF) and Organic Fertilizer, and process the methane gas into electrical energy in the future.

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