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Tangerang Maritim Industrial City

As part of (Tangerang Airport Waterfront City), which is the masterplan concepted by AECOM, this project will become an integrated airport region development. It is planned to be a model where businesses, logistics, warehouse, industrial , maritime industry, distribution facilities and also residential areas all together in one region around Soekarno- Hatta airport and waterfront area supported by sustainable community environments. Tangerang airport waterfront city development will create a new urban form that is highly competitive, attractive and sustainable. As an integrated development model, it is expected as the first model of airport waterfront city in Indonesia. As a Great Archipelago Country with a remarkable history for its Maritime Glories, we would like to be a part to once again put Indonesia on the top of Maritime World with ‘Tangerang Maritime Industrial City’ concept which will become the first model of Integrated Maritime Industrial City in Indonesia.

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